Kabuki is a Japanese Opera

which consists of singing, dancing and acting techniques. Many plays were written in Edo era and have been performed for more than two hundred years. Some plays based on the happenings at the period depict all characters so vividly that you can experience the event and the life of the people of that time even now. When you happen to visit Japan, KABUKI is a must. You will experience a time slip into the Edo era.

What kind stories are they? You can find summaries of the typical Kabuki plays in Kabuki at Misonoza in Nagoya.

If you are interested in this special form of art, KABUKI for EVERYONE is a good authentic introduction to Kabuki World by a male active actor playing female roles.

For further interest you may be enrolled on Kabuki Academy where you can learn Japanese dancing, Shamisen music, Kimono dressing etc.which are all essential for Kabuki performance.


All the Web sites above mentioned are essentially bilingual. If you, however, find any difficulty in Japanese language, please consult a Japanese-English Dictionary.

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